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Showreel featuring some of our 3D mappings.

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During the international lightart festival “Berlin leuchtet 2014” we illuminated one of the most known historical place in the inner city of Berlin. The Berlin “Gendarmenmarkt” is the historical heart of the new “Berlin Mitte” It was a hard task due to the due to the strong scattered light conditions onsite, but still we managed to present a spectacular show that had worldwide reach because of the vast coverage thru press and social media channels




Neues Kranzler Eck

During the international lightart festival “Berlin leuchtet 2014” we illuminated the ceiling of the “Neues Kranzler Eck” which is on of the most outstanding Business centers in the city quarter “City West” around the “Bahnhof Zoo” It houses several exclusive Brand shops and premium sports and wellness areas. Our projections over the whole length of the rain cover ceiling entertained thousands of visitors during the 3 week period it was running.


Light Festival Leipzig

To celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the peaceful revolution in Germany, we created a show during the Light Festival in Leipzig, Germany. We researched and cleared historic footage and images of the event to incorporate into the animation in collaboration with the museum “Runde Ecke Leipzig”


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Hannover Messe

We were tasked to create animations for the Opening Ceremony of the world’s largest industry fair in 2011.


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Juice Club

We created a permanent Mapping Installation at the Juice Club in Hamburg. The structure was designed and built by us on site. Complex Layered animations can be mixed to the music and running at every party in the Club


We found this sculpture by artist Monarch.Ohne ( at Urban Spree Gallery in Berlin and tested some stuff.  

Tape Art

We stumbled upon this Tape Art Sculpture by Berlin-based Artists Tape Over ( on this Festival in Poland: Plötzlich am Meer ( and decided to make something with it. I created the Animation on one Afternoon on site, using Cinema 4D