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Re:sorb X Rancinan


For the Vernissage of Gerard Rancinan’s Art Exhibition at Urban Spree Gallery Berlin we created a 3D Mapping show on his artwork “the party is over”.

Photography: Gerard Rancinan
3D Design & Animation by John Tettenborn & Ben Schröteler
Art Direction & Concept: Stefan Ihmig

Brandenburg Gate

After Projecting on Brandenburg Gate in 2016, the following year we created an audiovisual show that brought together famous street art concepts and Berlins very special spirit, a city in which all kinds of people create a vivid and colourful creative society.


Showreel featuring some of our 3D mappings.

showreeel resorb 0008.00_00_08_15.Standbild009

showreeel resorb 0008.00_00_24_05.Standbild010

showreeel resorb 0008.00_00_51_05.Standbild003

showreeel resorb 0008.00_01_04_20.Standbild004

showreeel resorb 0008.00_01_26_16.Standbild005

showreeel resorb 0008.00_01_47_15.Standbild006

showreeel resorb 0008.00_02_13_10.Standbild007

showreeel resorb 0008.00_02_30_05.Standbild008

Tape Art

We stumbled upon this Tape Art Sculpture by Berlin-based Artists Tape Over ( on this Festival in Poland: Plötzlich am Meer ( and decided to make something with it. I created the Animation on one Afternoon on site, using Cinema 4D