Award-winning STUDIO RE:SORB, active since 2007,  is an alchemist of the visual realm, transmuting the ordinary into immersive experience. Our mastery in creating 3D content and pioneering hardware has earned us a chain of accolades, including consistent triumphs at the Festival of Light Berlin and winning a vast array of awards worldwide.

We provide both artistic and technological service – enabling installations which go beyond all limits.

Our canvas stretches across continents; we conjure new worlds within Berlin’s ancient architecture, project the spirit of creativity onto the vast facade of the Torre Latinoamericana, and pulse to the electric rhythm of Tokyo’s nightlife at AgeHa, Japan’s largest club.

Delving into the elements, we’ve birthed a revolutionary 3D hologram technology which creates real 3D canvases with monumental size, creating installations that transcend the physical and invite audiences to experience the numinous.

In the Middle East, we’ve ventured into mythic territory, transforming entire mountains into phantasmagoric playgrounds of light and color.

With our extensive immersive fused indoor- and outdoor experiences, as realized for the UNESCO Heritage at the Rhine River we craft holistic sensory environments. These spaces, whether enveloping the urban exterior or intimate interior, become interactive temples of art, displaying artistic and technological excellence.

Apart from artistic endavours, we realize immersive experinces and activations for a vast array of worldwide brands:

Netflix, Sony, Samsung, Volkswagen, Henessey, Vodafone, Merlin, Electronic Arts, Red Bull, Ferreo, Lacoste, Hannover Messe, CeBit, Tiffany, Mall of Berlin… just to name a few – out of hundreds!