about us

RESORB is working on interactive projection projects on a global scale, eg:

  • The Opening Ceremony of the Cebit and of the Messe Hannover – the worlds biggest industrial fair
  • beautiful 3D Mappings on most of Berlin´s historic monuments – see out our works at Brandenburg Gate, Siegessäule or the Concerthouse area at Gendarmenmarkt
  • Western Europe biggest outdoor 3D Mapping with 48 synchronized projectors at Mall of Berlin
  • the Torre Latinoamericano sksyscraper mappings in Mexico City in 2016, 2017 and 2018
  • 3D 360° 3D Mapping in AgeHa – Japans biggest Club in Tokyo
  • and inspiring works at many big Music & Art Festivals – Fusion, Boom, Ozora, Glastonbury, Freqs of Nature – just to name a few of them.

Our passion is to transform areas, sculptures, paintings, grafftis, objects, whole interiors into living artworks, magic spaces which lead to unforgettable experiences. These are often interactive – and if possible always as immersive as technically possible.

Thus we are always developing and implementing new technologies, in the last years we thus specialized on hyper-complex 360° 3D Projection Mappings using 3D scanners and Ai reconstruction software, 360° 3D VR experiences, Multitouch-CMS Systems for next generation interactive Terminals –  and interactive AI-based projection technologies, allowing us to precisely project on objects in movement, for example cars or the faces or bodies of artists or robot-controlled sculptures.